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December 27, 2014



Sister, I've experienced many similar days. I felt near insanity and like I sucked for not being more zen...totally unreal expectations of myself. Thanks for sharing your truth. You're not alone.
Now that my boys are 4 and 6 and communicate well and know how to do lots of stuff for themselves....there are waaaay less meltdowns and I rarely feel insane. Although overwhelm is a constant state for me.
Bravo, it looks like you fit in a shit ton of fun this past fall.


You are amazing. Under the best of conditions your Christmas would break anyone else. I am so proud of you, and maybe a saying that I know will help in understanding.
"Tears are the words that the heart can't express".
Jules is so adorable, I love the spiderman and batman.

Tim Clementson

In the 3 years since we were last out with you so much has happened! It is amazing just how much has happened to you and your family that has been mirrored in ours too. Know just how you feel! When insomnia strikes why not skype us - we'd love to catch up. Love and big hugs from us both. xoxo


Very funny and true to life!


Agree with Cindy! I am wishing you lots of peace, happiness and joy for 2015, Laurie! Hope I can indulge in some of it with you!!!! Megan


Okay Sis, this is seriously in the top five of great posts. You keep it real but add a huge dose of humor. Great pics! Merry Christmas..xoxo

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