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June 09, 2015


Yevette Wanlass Peterson

What a beautiful post, Laurie!! I think it's so powerful-- wondering what he was listening to, what he was thinking, when his time in this world ran short! I'm sure it was all about Jules and you. I also think it's fabulous for you to keep Jimmy alive in Jules'heart and memory with photos and video-- especially the video -- there is nothing like seeing the way someone moves, the way their face moves as they talk, smile, laugh, think--talk about truly giving Jules a real sense of his dad!! I can hear Jim's voice in my head. I wish I had it recorded to play for Jules!! Ic an't even imagine how immensely difficult the last year has been! I haven't been nearly as good about reaching out as I meant to be-- but you and Jules are in my heart and prayers EVERY day!! xoxoxox!


This was very touching and moving, and I am so glad you shared your feelings and thoughts; it's never easy to talk or even write about these things. You are such a strong and wonderful person, Jules is lucky to have a mother like you. XOXO, Rose


Laurie, I have been thinking of you these last few days knowing the one year date was quickly approaching. I am certain that Jules will know his daddy through your love and the love of family and friends. Thanks you for a lovely "In Memory" post. You are an inspiration and continue to amaze me with your strength and energy! Much love, Adele


That was beautiful! I can't wait to see you, Jules and hopefully the rest of the family next month. Love to all. Aunt Marie

Georgia Couch

Laurie - You continue to amaze me with your beautiful writings. Jules is a lucky little boy to have such a caring Mom who is creating precious memories for him. I think of you so often. Much love, Georgia, XO


Laurie- you amaze me all the time! You are doing a great job keeping Jim's spirit alive and well for Jules and that will continue as he gets older. We will make sure our children know what great men their Dads were as they get older. The Korn/Dodge/Campbell ladies will make sure of it! Sending lots of love!


Laurie, what a tribute to Jim, I think of you and Jules often.


Lovely post Laurie. XOX Ween

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